Pacific Coast


Blue skies are not very common along the coast, especially in the morning. Locations we stopped at listed from north to south.



Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Nice lighthouse. Fences limit your movement, but one spot provides a nice composition. Bald skies are typical here. You can't go up into the lighthouse right now, they have some safety issues.




Seymour Marine Discovery Center, Santa Cruz

They have a skeleton of a Blue Whale, the largest animal that ever lived. We just stopped briefly to see the whale (free); there is a fee for inside attractions. Link




Monterey 17-Mile Drive

We did it, but other coast areas are better; I only recommend this if you need to see the Lone Cypress or Pebble Beach Golf Course. $9.25 per car, refundable if you buy lunch at one of the golf course restaurants (we didnít).


Lone Cypress.




Pebble Beach 18th hole, one of the most famous in golf. This is the best view you can get without trespassing.




Beautiful courtyard with expensive shops ($85 for a golf shirt)





Carmel Mission.




Interesting shops.





Point Lobos State Reserve

Great place. Huge variety of coastal rocks, trees and coves. In 4 hours we only saw about half the reserve. Fee: $10 per car. We only saw the southern area, the north area was full, maybe because it is better, or could be human nature for people to go to the first area they find.


China Cove.




Dead tree on Allan Memorial Grove from Sea Lion Point Trail (across Headland Cove). Need a long lens to shoot the trees from here; I used 640mm full-frame equiv.




Ground Squirrel.




Garapata State Park

Good place. Long thin area along the shoreline. Easy beach access at one stop. Good but less variety than Point Lobos. Free.




Big Sur Area

Bixby Bridge. This is the farthest south we went. Tried a different angle to eliminate the bald sky.






All images copyright 2009 by Matt Muskovac