California Trip 2009


Pictures and notes from our most recent trip. I had been to most of these places before, but my wife Zorrie had not. These are some of my favorite places and I wanted her to see them.



I brought my Canon 40D and 4 lenses: 17-85mm (most shots), 10-22mm (some ultrawide shots), 100-400mm (only a few shots), 100mm macro (some wildflowers). The 40D is a 1.6X FL camera.


I averaged about 100 images per day. These are not necessarily the best, but I wanted to include the famous places we visited.


- Matt Muskovac, aka Mattman 





Pacific Coast


San Francisco




Note to PhotoSiggers:


I planned this before the PhotoSig trip was announced. Being from a hot climate, we look for cool weather on our vacations. The downside: parts of Yosemite are not open in the spring.


I am not looking for critiques here; if I want critiques I will submit images. Some of these are only vacation slide show quality. Some could use more careful post-processing.


If you are looking for the time I shot an image using the EXIF data, my camera clock is set to Eastern Time, subtract 3 hours from the time for Pacific Time.