Downloads for ClubViewer, a free program to help run camera club electronic imaging competitions. The files are encrypted, you will need the 4 digit password. If you would like to tryout the program, send me an email explaining what you will use it for and I will send you the password. Please do not give the password to people outside your club. Instead, refer them to this webpage or the email address below. We would like to track who is using and/or interested in the program.

To download the files, right click on an underlined file below, select "Save Target As ..." and save it to your harddrive. Locate the zipped folder on your harddrive, right click it, select "Extract All ..." and save the extracted files.


ClubViewer Program and Instructions (about 3 MBytes, version 1.0.1, last updated 4/15/06, instructions last updated 4/15/06). Fixed problem where RMF Model 750 keypads would not work on some old computers.


Example Images and Maker List (about 1.5 MBytes, last updated 3/18/06). These are the same images that were previously here, but they are now lower quality JPEGs to save space.


If you are interested in running a digital exhibition (salon), see the Salon Software page. For a description of the differences between the two programs, see the differences page.


Questions?  Contact Matt Muskovac: